"Show Me How To Do My Makeup"

Yuma makeup artist
You never have to be embarrassed about asking for help with your makeup or a tutorial.   In my experience, it’s widely accepted among women to admit that they have no idea how to do their makeup!

Since it is so common, it just makes sense to me that I should help in any way possible.

So, if you need help with your makeup, then just schedule a one-on-one session where we can talk about how to either help you in your daily look for going to work, out of the house or even to church.

Everybody assumes that a makeup artist is only skilled at slapping some crazy glitter product on your face with big false eyelashes.  I can do that too, if that’s what you want to try and achieve.

But if all you are wanting to do is get some ideas on how to use your makeup correctly so you can feel better about how you look, then give me a call and let’s schedule a time to meet at The Beauty Bar.

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