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At The Beauty Bar Skin Care and Makeup Studio, you get to experience a spa facial that is completely unique.  You not only receive a customized facial, specific to your skin type, but you have me showing exactly how to effectively use this same product at home.  

I understand that some women enjoy going to the spa to have this done as a service.  But for others, the cost savings is worth learning how to do it yourself.  And in addition to saving money, many of my clients say the results they get at home feel better than at an actual spa.

Most people, when they go in for a spa facial, expect one or two expensive high-end products that are only available in the spa.  If they are available for sale, the retail price can be almost the same as the facial you just received!

I'll never let you leave wondering what you just purchased or if it's something you're going to be able to duplicate on your own. I will teach you every step of the way, keeping it simple and easy in order to set you on a path to beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.
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Why A Customized
Skin Care Session?

A specialized skin care appointment is an important first step for us to determine your individual skin care needs.

We go through brief discussion so I can hear whether you feel your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or even a combination.

Once I know a little history about your skin and what you’ve experienced, I can show you the types of products that address those specific needs and even the type of facial we need to do first.

I definitely want to know what you are using on your face so we can get some kind of idea where to start. 
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For example, if you told me you just use soap and water with nothing else, then I know we need to keep things simple.  We’ll just address keeping your face feeling clean with some lightweight moisture.

On the other hand, if you say that you use a full line of skincare that you purchased at a retail outlet store or something you’ve used forever, then I know you have more advanced needs.  The likelihood is that you’ll probably enjoy more of a full line that includes serum, eye cream and a more complete regimen.

A very common concern among my clients is that before working with me, they were terrified of trying something new because their skin was so sensitive. 

Most of my sensitive skin clients are relieved to find a gentle and soothing product line that includes chamomile and a little extra moisture.

Now we can begin with a customized mask depending on your skin type.  Then we move onto a very gentle spa facial which includes a cleanser,  moisturizer and makeup application.


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