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Yuma makeup artist training
Becoming a professional makeup artist was a dream I had since I was a little girl.  I started doing makeup really well when I was 14 years old and 3 years later, after I graduated high school, I moved to Las Vegas, NV and began doing it professionally.

Teaching women how to do their makeup or how to do other people’s makeup has always come naturally to me.  This role is where I am most comfortable, productive and do really well in communicating.

There is an amazing sense of satisfaction when you can help someone transform themselves in a way that also makes them feel like they finally have that “look” they’ve been trying to achieve on their own.

Students in the Professional Makeup Artist class are shown how to make someone else look fabulous, but in a way that the client sees how to do it themselves as well.  If your customer walks out feeling great because of the work you did, but cannot duplicate it, then you need to incorporate that into your sessions.

When you sign up for my class, this is how I teach you to think about your own clients.  This translates really well into a great course because it just shouts “Excellent Customer Service!”
Because I’ve been doing makeup for over 27 years, I have worked for or with every brand you could probably think of and some you wouldn’t recognize unless you were in their exclusive market.

I don’t say this to brag, but more of helping you, my prospective student, to know that I have a perspective on the industry that goes beyond just creating a great look.  I am able to bring all these years of experience into the online makeup course you will be taking.

Knowing what is important and useful to you for clients is one of the critical components of your success.

There are so many techniques and products out there, it can begin to feel overwhelming to the point that you become stuck in “learning” mode, rather than producing an income for yourself.

All you have to do is go to Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube and another so-called “expert” will try to sell you a magic trick to short cut your way to achieving your goals.  And even then, we sometimes feel like we’ll never compare to them because they seem so professional or well put together and seem to have access to thousands of products.
Yuma makeup artist training in action

Let Me Put Your Mind To Rest...

In my class, I give you access to all those techniques and the most relevant applications.  But without making you feel like you need to spend a fortune to do it.

One thing I specialize in, and my students and clients have come to appreciate, is the ability to use a small amount of tools to complete a wide variety of jobs.  I just don’t think this should be that complicated.

What is more important, is for you to learn makeup artistry from someone who has a wide variety of experience, rather than sifting through video after video.  In my class, I will show you how to navigate through all the options available and settle into a solid system you can use and build upon.

I care about you as a student or a client because that is just who I am. 

I’ll do everything I can to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and instead guide you into feeling like you are on your game as a professional makeup artist.

Working For Yourself
Doesn't Mean Working
By Yourself

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The year 2020 has brought some difficult challenges to women in the Yuma beauty industry, especially hair salons, nail salons and makeup artists.  Because of the essential care products available, we are able to still serve our community with product delivery and makeup artistry services at The Beauty Bar.

However, if you have lost your job because of a corporate bankruptcy or downsizing or simply  told that your particular profession is unable to meet people face-to-face, we can show you exactly how to replace that income.

Skin care specialists and makeup artists are always going to be in demand.

It isn’t necessary to have a working background in this profession, but if you do have experience or just have a passion for the industry, we can quickly show you how to create a very realistic income on your terms.

You will be working for yourself, but never alone.

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