Why Should YOU
Come To The Beauty Bar?

Beauty bar redo
In 2018, we decided to open a professional retail setting in Yuma, Arizona for people to feel relaxed and comfortable.  We loved the idea of having our own personal spot to do facials, makeovers, and be able to host fun customer events or workshops.

When someone comes to The Beauty Bar for the first time, they just fall in love with how welcoming and warm it feels.  

As Jackie started expanding her makeup artist training classes online, she also discovered that there were many local women who may not want to take a class to become a makeup artist, but just learn how to do their makeup better.

Women visiting our shop love to see the products nicely laid out on a beauty bar where they can ask to try anything on.  And the added bonus is a makeup artist onsite available to answer any questions.

Most retail environments make you feel like cattle and it's very impersonal.

We decided we wanted to do our own version of a beauty counter where women would know that their presence is cherished,  and appreciated.  They are loved on and shown products that are customized for their color, style and skin type, not the most expensive item in the store.

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